April 17, 2009

Spring! Finally!

Vinny, Charlie and myself will be participating in our second annual Walk for the Animals on May 2nd. Last year was our first time doing anything like this and we are doing two this year! It is so much fun to get outside, walk, people AND animal watch -- and best of all, for a great cause.

I know that times are tough in this economy but we would greatly appreciate any pledges!

Click on the picture below to go to our secure online donation form (you can also mail a check to us if that works better for you):

Things have been going well for Vinny and I -- we both still have jobs, that says something right? We are both very ready for our upcoming vacation to the west coast -- California, Vegas and the Grand Canyon! I am probably most excited about the fact that our rental car is a convertible :)

Vinny is taking the summer off as far as school -- I, on the other hand, am going to take three courses. One of them is a photography course so I hope to enjoy it and use that as my 'get-away' from the other two. I will then take three more classes in the Fall and finally be "finished"...Cmon January! Wait....no....I don't want January, its finally 60 degrees here!

I updated a couple albums -- my recent ladies weekend & Britney Spears concert trip to Dallas and some new pictures of our ever-evolving living room. I have the home decor bug again in the biggest way -- trying to focus that energy on a little exterior facelift -- new door, storm door, lights and house numbers! I'll share those pictures as soon as we are finished!

Oh and one last thing! This April is our sixth anniversary as a couple -- I'm not sure why but that date seems so much more important in my mind than our wedding day? Maybe that will change with time...anyways...here is a snapshot collage of us from each wonderful year we have been together!

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring as much as we are, keep in touch!