February 2, 2009

Happy February!

I hope you all enjoy the new format. I switched up the main page (here) and also the style of the photo galleries. The link to the photo gallery is directly under the VAMH banner, hopefully you can find it?! Probably not much of a difference to you but a lot of changes in the background. I created a poll over the right, let me know you feel about all these changes!

  • Four years ago today Vinny asked me to be his wife. I can't believe it has only been four short years since that wonderful day. It seems like we have lived our whole lives together, and I look forward to doing exactly that. Click here to see the post from that day!

  • We had a wonderful Christmas in Boise, as usual. Spent a good amount of time with my dad and also my mom, sister and grandma. Going home is always bittersweet and I look forward to a return trip sooner, rather than later. Check out the pictures!

  • After Boise we headed on a nightmarish cross country trip. I won't get into too many details but it includes a closed airport, 5 hour delays, missed connections, over 24 hours with no sleep, a man having a seizure in front of me at the airport and more. ROUGH. Oh but wait, it gets better. We finally made it to Miami to meet up with the other Marouns and head to Rome. Delta lost our bags. Vinny got his bag back a week after we got home and I still haven't seen mine.

  • We made it to Rome and had a wonderful tour and a even better surprise, our apartment. It was so amazing. Perfect location, huge, all the amenities. I absolutely recommend it if you ever spend some time in Rome, contact us for details! Click here to see a video that Kathy took, gives a better idea of the layout and amazingess than the pictures do! We spent five days in Rome, seeing all of the sites and loving every minute of it. We ended the trip on New Year's Eve at the Colosseum. Definitely check out those pictures!

  • After Rome we had another adventure in the airport but eventually made it to Beirut. Most of us were very anxious but that quickly went away. We were graciously offered a family member's house to stay in, making us feel like we were at home and true Lebanese. Vinny's dad drove us around in the 'Beirut Bomber' to see so many sites -- ruins, family history, family, shopping, landmarks and more. We all fell in love and absolutely will be returning. Check out those pictures too!
(I apologize the pictures are out of order -- that is far too time consuming to fix for this full-time student and IT slave!)