May 31, 2009

Uploaded San Diego!

Also, a couple of accompanying videos. Click on the Photo Gallery link or the shortcut photo on the left panel!

My play-by-play commentary is priceless.

I will have Grand Canyon & Vegas uploaded by the end of the week!


May 28, 2009

Annual Honeymoon

Our 3rd Annual Honeymoon was as excellent as always -- we stuck to the US this year. I was adamant about going to California and Las Vegas but then slightly regretted my stubbornness each time we saw an amazing cruise deal for so cheap! I hate to hope for the crappy economy to continue but, wow, I hope we can take part in some of those fantastic deals out there next year!

Since the day I met Vinny we have talked about going to Vegas, literally one of our first conversations was about it. Six years later we finally did it, and more! We started in LA and Santa Monica, then headed to San Diego, then onto the Grand Canyon and finally to Vegas! Being from Minnesota I was craving some serious dry heat and sunshine, plus, I love Vegas so much! I don't gamble at all but I just love the feeling of sin in the air and sun on my shoulders, there isn't any place in the world like it.

Uploading pictures is taking quite a long time so I have decided to do one update at a time. I finally edited, sorted and uploaded the pictures from LA, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Venice Beach and Malibu....check them out and stay tuned for San Diego, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas in the next few days!

Check out how bad we needed a vacation! Day 1 & Day 10...amazing what some Vitamin D, sleep and fun can do huh?


May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Doing what moms do best!

We love you and miss all of you! Our thoughts are with you on this day and until we can see eachother again!



April 17, 2009

Spring! Finally!

Vinny, Charlie and myself will be participating in our second annual Walk for the Animals on May 2nd. Last year was our first time doing anything like this and we are doing two this year! It is so much fun to get outside, walk, people AND animal watch -- and best of all, for a great cause.

I know that times are tough in this economy but we would greatly appreciate any pledges!

Click on the picture below to go to our secure online donation form (you can also mail a check to us if that works better for you):

Things have been going well for Vinny and I -- we both still have jobs, that says something right? We are both very ready for our upcoming vacation to the west coast -- California, Vegas and the Grand Canyon! I am probably most excited about the fact that our rental car is a convertible :)

Vinny is taking the summer off as far as school -- I, on the other hand, am going to take three courses. One of them is a photography course so I hope to enjoy it and use that as my 'get-away' from the other two. I will then take three more classes in the Fall and finally be "finished"...Cmon January! don't want January, its finally 60 degrees here!

I updated a couple albums -- my recent ladies weekend & Britney Spears concert trip to Dallas and some new pictures of our ever-evolving living room. I have the home decor bug again in the biggest way -- trying to focus that energy on a little exterior facelift -- new door, storm door, lights and house numbers! I'll share those pictures as soon as we are finished!

Oh and one last thing! This April is our sixth anniversary as a couple -- I'm not sure why but that date seems so much more important in my mind than our wedding day? Maybe that will change with is a snapshot collage of us from each wonderful year we have been together!

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring as much as we are, keep in touch!



February 2, 2009

Happy February!

I hope you all enjoy the new format. I switched up the main page (here) and also the style of the photo galleries. The link to the photo gallery is directly under the VAMH banner, hopefully you can find it?! Probably not much of a difference to you but a lot of changes in the background. I created a poll over the right, let me know you feel about all these changes!

  • Four years ago today Vinny asked me to be his wife. I can't believe it has only been four short years since that wonderful day. It seems like we have lived our whole lives together, and I look forward to doing exactly that. Click here to see the post from that day!

  • We had a wonderful Christmas in Boise, as usual. Spent a good amount of time with my dad and also my mom, sister and grandma. Going home is always bittersweet and I look forward to a return trip sooner, rather than later. Check out the pictures!

  • After Boise we headed on a nightmarish cross country trip. I won't get into too many details but it includes a closed airport, 5 hour delays, missed connections, over 24 hours with no sleep, a man having a seizure in front of me at the airport and more. ROUGH. Oh but wait, it gets better. We finally made it to Miami to meet up with the other Marouns and head to Rome. Delta lost our bags. Vinny got his bag back a week after we got home and I still haven't seen mine.

  • We made it to Rome and had a wonderful tour and a even better surprise, our apartment. It was so amazing. Perfect location, huge, all the amenities. I absolutely recommend it if you ever spend some time in Rome, contact us for details! Click here to see a video that Kathy took, gives a better idea of the layout and amazingess than the pictures do! We spent five days in Rome, seeing all of the sites and loving every minute of it. We ended the trip on New Year's Eve at the Colosseum. Definitely check out those pictures!

  • After Rome we had another adventure in the airport but eventually made it to Beirut. Most of us were very anxious but that quickly went away. We were graciously offered a family member's house to stay in, making us feel like we were at home and true Lebanese. Vinny's dad drove us around in the 'Beirut Bomber' to see so many sites -- ruins, family history, family, shopping, landmarks and more. We all fell in love and absolutely will be returning. Check out those pictures too!
(I apologize the pictures are out of order -- that is far too time consuming to fix for this full-time student and IT slave!)